Information About Mysore

Mysore also known as Mysuru, is Karnataka’s second biggest city, situated in Southern India. It was the erstwhile capital of the Wodeyar dynasty and is considered the cultural capital of the state. Mysore is the cleanest city in India and one of the most well-planned ones. The people of Mysore are famous for their peaceful attitude and helpful nature.

The city has recorded history dating back a thousand years and a mythical history which explains the origin of the name – apparently, this was the place where the demon Mahishasurawas slain by the Goddess Chamundi. You will find a statue of the demon on Chamundi Hillwhich commemorates this event.

In recorded times, the city rose to prominence when it became the capital of a breakaway feudatory of the Vijayanagara empire named Chamaraja Wodeyar in 1584. In 1610, he shifted the capital to nearby Srirangapatna. Hyder Ali who was a commander in the army usurped power in the late 18th century. Hyder Ali was succeeded by his son Tipu Sultan, who fought and lost a war with the British, dying in battle in 1799.


The British restored the Wodeyars as their puppet rulers and shifted the capital back to Mysore. The Wodeyars had substantial internal autonomy and the princely state of Mysore (which comprised a large portion of present-day Karnataka) was probably the best administered in India. After independence, the state was merged back to the Indian Union and the capital of Mysore state was shifted to nearby Bangalore where the British maintained their army. The name of the state too was eventually changed to the more accurate “Karnataka” in 1973.

The dynasty is still well-loved and the people of Mysore are still nostalgic for the grandeur of the earlier times. The palaces built by the Wodeyars and the yearly celebration of Dusshera are holdovers of that period.

Mysore has evolved from being a quiet and sleepy city to a city that is touted to being the most important one in the state after Bangalore. With apartment complexes, supermarkets, a couple of proposed malls, new and improved roads, the advent of IT and BPO firms and a growing young and dynamic workforce, this regal city is trying to strike a balance between the good old days while to keep up pace with the changes affecting it.

A city that is old, yet new. A modern-day paradox in the making, anyone who lives in Mysore for long enough can’t help falling in love with this place.

Mysore is also well known for its yoga centres like Ashtanga yoga which originated here. There are many Ashtanga yoga centres in Mysore. The Gokulam suburb contains the most renowned yoga schools (such as S.K. Pattabhi Jois’ Ashtanga Yoga Research Institute).

Get In

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By Plane

The nearest international airport is Bangalore airport near Devanahalli (170km from Mysore)

Mysore Airport, which is nearly 12 kilometers from the city, was inaugurated on May 15, 2010. There is only one flight to and from this airport, and its destination is Chennai, with Truejet.

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By Train

Mysore Junction is the city’s main station, and there are daily trains plying the route to Bangalore.

The fastest and possibly the most comfortable way to travel between Mysore and Chennai is by the Shatabdi Express, which covers the Mysore-Bangalore leg of the journey in 2 hours and the Mysore-Chennai section in 7 hours. Although more expensive than other trains, all the Shatabdi’s coaches are air-conditioned and meals, snacks and a bottle of mineral water are included in the cost of the fare.

There are many trains available from Mysore to Bangalore and vice versa. Tippu Express being the most popular one which covers the distance of 140 km in about 2.5 hours. Tippu Express leaves Mysore at 11 AM and reaches Bangalore by 1:30 PM and leaves Bangalore at 3 PM and reaches Mysore at 5:30 PM. Chamundi Express and Yeshvantapur-Mysore Express (17303/04)are other daily trains between the cities

Apart from above Mysore is connected to Delhi through Weekly Swarnajayanthi(12781/82), Mumbai through Weekly Sharavati, Chennai by Kaveri Express(Daily)(16221/22) & Shatabdi Express(Except Wednesday)(12007/08), Trichy/Tanjore through Daily Express(16231/32, Madurai through Daily Express(6731/32), Tirupati by Fast passenger(56213/14)Daily, Ajmer through Bi-weekly Express(16201/02), Jaipur through Bi-weekly Express(12975/76), Mangalore Daily by Express(16517/18).Apart from Sharavati and Swarna Jayanti all other trains as above pass via Bangalore city

Trains to Mysore depart from 1 station in Mangalore: Mangalore Jn (MAJN) No Train Departure Arrival Duration Running Days from Mangalore 1 Yesvantpur Exp(16518) 07:57PM(Mangalore Jn) 04:15AM(Mysore Jn) 8h 18m All Days from Mysore 16517 Kannur Express Mysore Jn 23:45 Mangalore 08:35.

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By Helicopter

Chipsan Aviation Providing helicopter charter services from Bangalore, Mangalore, Hubi to Mysore Helipad.

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By Bus

Buses run every 5 minutes from Bangalore. There is a choice of air-conditioned and ordinary vehicles. During the weekends, these buses can fill up, but most do not allow you to purchase your tickets in advance. However, buses to Mysore board constantly so finding a bus with seats is never a problem. The KSRTC (Karnataka State Road Transport Corporation) buses are very comfortable, especially the Volvo (Luxury) buses. A one-way ticket from Bangalore to Mysore costs 280 Indian Rupees. One can get a bus for Mysore from the main city bus stand (Majestic) or the satellite bus terminus on Mysore road.

Mysore has two major bus stands. All KSRTC buses arrive and depart from the Central bus stand (aka suburb bus stand), while local buses use the City bus stand.

Mysore Airport, which is nearly 12 kilometers from the city, was inaugurated on May 15, 2010. There is only one flight to and from this airport, and its destination is Chennai, with Truejet.

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By Car

Mysore is approximately 150 km from Bangalore, and there is a 4 lane highway (2 lanes in each direction) connecting the 2 cities. The traffic is fairly heavy but the drive is extremely comfortable if you discount the unmarked speed bumps that show up at random intervals. Probably an easier and comfortable way to travel to Mysore from Bangalore is via train (especially the Shatabdi Express – 2:15hrs). You drive through in NH-275 via Ramnagar-Mandya and takes about 2 hrs to leave Bangalore and 2 more hrs on the highway.

You don’t really need a car and driver to drive you from Bangalore or other destinations in India, as all the tourist sites are walking distance or a cheap ride by rickshaw. Alternatively, if you must have a car and driver while there, it is very easy to arrange once you arrive.

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By Bicycle

TAround 140 km drive for fitness freaks… Bangalore—50—> Ramnagaram—30—> Maddur—20—> Mandya—22—> Srirangapatna—13—>Mysore

Get Around

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By Bus

Frequent bus service is available to all major tourist and residential areas of the city. Volvo air-conditioned buses are available to Chamundi Hills, KRS-Brindavan Garden, Zoo, Infosys, and to some major residential areas.

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By Taxi

Tourist Cabs are the best choice if you want to visit nearby places outside Mysore city like Srirangapatna.

  • (Savaari Car Rental), ? 0 90 4545 0000 (, Book cab at Savaari to explore Mysore and enjoy your trip with clean car, courteous driver and on-time availability of cab.
  • (Akbar Cab Services), ? 08431004444 (,Book cab at Akbaracb to explore Mysore and enjoy your trip with clean car, courteous driver and on-time availability of cab.
  • UBER/OLA service is available which can be booked using mobile app and charges normal amount only.Even these APPS will show the chargeable amount at the time booking and can pay through Paytm.
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By Car / Motorcycles Rental

Mysore offers an option to rent self-drive vehicles on hourly or daily basis. There are services for both two-wheeler and four-wheeler options. Bikes and scooters provide an economical way of commuting within the city while cars allow you to travel in comfort for longer journeys. These can be booked easily using app-based services such as Drivezy and other local services.

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By Auto – Rickshaw

They have meters, but drivers politely refuse to turn down the meters especially at railway stations, bus stations etc. The more your attire and luggage announce that you are a tourist the less the chances of drivers going by the meter. Price is Rs. 11.00 per km, with a minimum fare of Rs. 20. Try to insist on meter usage; threatening to call the police works sometimes when the rickshaw driver pretends that the meter is broken and wants a flat fee.

At the railway station or city bus stand, go straight to the pre-paid auto-rickshaw counter and tell them your destination (you have to pay a rupee for this service). They will give you a slip with the fare printed, along with the destination and auto rickshaw registration number. When you arrive at the destination you just pay what is printed on the slip.